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Bach Minuet  4k        Bach Partita (Guitar)  6k        Bach Cello Suite / 1: Prelude 5k        Bach Kbd - Jesu Joy of...  14k        Bach Keyboard  20k
Bach Brandenburg Conc   19k        Brahms 4 - 14k Honktonk??!!       Beethoven 6th  24k        Joplin Entertainer        Bach Double Violin Concerto

Please be patient! (Works on most systems - well, Win95+)

Midi files of around 5K only. The last one is the Bach double vln Conc, in full - still only 60K!
If your (Win95+) system is set up to play midi files, the music will play just fine.
To see lots more midi files like these vist the Classical Midi Archive via link below.

Line, multicolour

Lesley . . . plays Piano and Flute, and sings alto in our local Choral Union, and also teaches piano - up to ABRSM Grade 6 or so, anyway!

Brian counts himself as an ardent camp follower - surrounded by the talented and leeching experience from their activities.

I also sing (used to sing) in the same Choral Union as Lesley (where I sang 1st bass/baritone) and I count the performances I have been in as the Real Thing. I am keen on chamber music and am also working on a collection of all of Prokofiev's recorded works.

If you can help with the latter quest, with reviews or availability of rare or exceptional performances, please e-mail!

Recent performances of the choir include the Berlioz and Verdi Requiems (wot fun!), Mendelssohn;''s "Elijah", and Elgar's "Dream of Gerontius". We also give annual performances of Handel's "Messiah", and of a selection of carols each Christmas

Some Interesting Links:

Hand  AnimationThere seems to be a relative paucity of great sites in this area - please let us know of any you know of!

Classical Music Net
Classical Midi Archive

Line, multicolour

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