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Lots more can be found at

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We are recent members of the "camera dependency" group, having started taking photographs as a hobby in 2007. The purchase of a dSLR and the advent of image stabilising lenses have meant that the learning curve - whilst still steep - is much more surmountable. Most of the pictures featured here were taken with a Canon 40D (Brian) or a 450D (Lesley). The pictures that appear on our respective "Flickr" streams have - for the most part - their exif data available, if you want more details such as shutter speeds and so on.

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The work illustrated on these pages represent the creative effort of Brian and Lesley Davies. None of these photographs should be considered public domain. It is commonly and wrongly supposed that all pictures on the webare public domain and therefore free from copyright restrictions. The truth is that they are none-the-less the intellectual property of the artist. Use of copyright designs and photographs by anyone other than the artist requires permission in the case of personal use or a licensing agreement in the case of commercial use. All rights reserved.

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   Lesley at    Lesley@lesleydavies.co.uk    or
Brian at   response@bdavies.co.uk

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