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Celtic PyrographyPyrography (or Pokerwork as it was known in Victorian times) is the art of burning designs into wood, leather, paper, etc. with heated tools. It had long been a "burning ambition" (!) of mine to learn this craft. This ambition was finally realised when I had the opportunity to have a go at the Harrogate Craft Materials Show in 2001, where Bob Neill was demonstrating. I was immediately hooked, and have spent many happy hours burning my Celtic designs on to boxes and plaques. It was a revelation to me when I found that I could burn designs onto paper too - a whole new world opened up!

The 6 examples below can be seen in more detail by clicking on the thumbnails (click BACK to return here!) They are:

Two pencil-boxes - pyrography on pine

A coaster - pyrography on beech

Two celtic designs - pyrography on watercolour paper

Pencil Box 1 Celtic Pyrography Pencil Box 2
Celtic Pyrography Celtic Pyrography Celtic Pyrography

Notes on these items

The coaster shows my first attempt at pyrography - a Celtic circle of my own design.

The cat on the pencil box is a representation of the cat from the Lindisfarne Gospels.

The duck burnt on watercolour paper is my first attempt at wildlife pyrography and comes from Norma Gregory's 'Pyrography Designs'.

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