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Brian . . . can firmly recommend all these books for the conscientious layman (like me??) - please remember the point of us providing these suggestions is to get more suggestions back from yourselves!

There may be nothing startlingly original in this list, but I hope it will be of interest to you. If you feel it needs beefing up a bit, please send suggestions via the e-mail link below!

The First Three MinutesSteven Weinberg
A Brief History of TimeStephen W. Hawking
Before the BeginningMartin Rees
After The First Three Minutes T Padmanabhan
Relativity for the Layman James A. Coleman
CosmosCarl Sagan
Dreams of a Final TheorySteven Weinberg
In Search Of Schrodinger's CatJohn Gribbin
Schrodinger's KittensJohn Gribbin
Horizon: At The Edge of the Universe         Simon Campbell-Jones Ed         
Masters of TimeJohn Boslough
The Cosmic CodeHeinz Pagels
SuperstringsDavid F. Peat
The Future of CosmologyJohn Gribbin
The Inflationary UniverseAlan H. Guth
Not Even WrongPeter Woit
The Road to RealityRoger Penrose
The Trouble With PhysicsLee Smolin
The Elegant UniverseBrian Greene
The Fabric of the CosmosBrian Greene
The Universe in a NutshellStephen Hawking
The End of TimeJulian Barbour

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