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Some examples of interesting places to visit!

I am interested in all things cosmological, and regular web cruisers will no doubt have found these - and other even more interesting - places to visit. If so, do please e-mail the locations to me (using the "mail-to" link at the bottom of the page). Another possibly interesting page to see is my recommended book list. Click BACK to return here (I insist!!)

For any newcomers, here are a few places in my Bookmarks, under Astronomy, Cosmology, and Web Search Engines - yes, there are other places to search apart from Google.

Quote Of The Century

From one of my favourite books - "The First Three Minutes" - by Steven Weinberg (Published way back in 1977) comes what must be the throw-away remark of the 20th century. Slipped in about half way down page 5, comes a dramatic statement about the distance our apparent understanding has progressed beyond the 'common sense' experience:

At about 1/100th of a second [after the beginning of the Universe], the earliest
time about which we can speak with any confidence . . .

M31.jpg As stated, my real interest is the origin and macroscopic structure of the universe. Astronomical objects this side of Andromeda are a bit parochial for me! It is unfortunate then, that the nearest thing of interest is the furthest thing visible to the naked eye: click the thumbnail for a better view... this is M31, the great spiral in Andromeda. It is very like our own Milky Way, has around 100,000,000,000 stars, and is 2,000,000 light years away. Therefore the picture shows light that left M31 when mankind had just begun to be recognisable! Being our galactic next-door neighbour definitely makes this my favourite object in the night sky.

M83.jpg This is surely one of the most inspiring sights imaginable - an open spiral galaxy. The numbers are impressive, too. The first is M83 (NGC 5236), and it too contains billions of stars. It is some 27 million light years away, so we see it as it was a long time before man walked the earth. The other is NGC 2997. NGC 2997


All the latest news and pictures can be found here:

First the most famous source . . . NASA Logo Click the Logo to go to the site,
click BACK to return here, if you wish!

The most famous source . . .

Hubble Site
Hubble Newscentre - Pictures
Astronomy Links
Astronomy Resources
Astronomy Now Magazine
Armagh Observatory Home Page
Earth Viewer
British Astronomical Society
Mount Wilson Observatory
Astronomy Picture of the Day Archive (NASA)


More technical info here . . .

Fermi Labs Home Page
UK Dark Matter site
Dark Matter links
Ned Wright's 'Good Cosmology Sites'
Ned Wright's Cosmology Tutorial
Ned Wright's Relativity Tutorial

WEB Search Engines

For friends who haven't found the basic stuff . . . you NEED these links!
When you first visit them, bookmark them straight away (or "add to favourites" for Internet Explorer)

Google - THE search engine!
Ask Jeeves - Questions in plain English!
Web Crawler
MetaCrawler - Multiple search engines.

Other Web Resources

Dynamic Drive Resources for web builders
Tripod HTML Gear - Guestbooks for free
TheCounter.Com - Counters for free

Book 4 Interesting Books:

Too many to list here - click the book to see the list, click BACK to return here.

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