Recommended Celtic Design Books

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Lesley . . . can firmly recommend all these books for the keen honorary Celt - but please remember the point of us providing these suggestions is to get more suggestions back from yourselves!

There may be nothing startlingly original in this list, but I hope it will be of interest to you. If you have any favourite titles which are not on this list, please send your ideas via the guest-book form or e-mail!

How to Draw Celtic KnotworkAndy Sloss
How to Draw Celtic Key PatternsAndy Sloss
Celtic Knots - Techniques and Aesthetics, Part 1Mark Van Stone
Celtic Designs - An Arts and Crafts Source BookDavid James
Celtic Design - KnotworkAidan Meehan
Celtic Design - Beginner's ManualAidan Meehan
Celtic Design - Spiral PatternsAidan Meehan
Celtic Design - Illuminated LettersAidan Meehan
Celtic Design - Animal PatternsAidan Meehan
Celtic Design - The Tree of LifeAidan Meehan
Celtic AlphabetsAidan Meehan
Celtic art - Methods of ConstructionGeorge Bain
Celtic Design - A Sourcebook of PatternsIain Zaczek
Celtic Knotwork DesignsSheila Sturrock
Lindisfarne GospelsJanet Backhouse
The Book of KellsPeter Brown
The Book of KellsBernard Meehan
Celtic Art Source BookCourtney Davis
Celtic Borders and DecorationCourtney Davis
Celtic Initials & AlphabetsCourtney Davis
The Art of CeltiaCourtney Davis
The Celtic ImageCourtney Davis
Celtic OrnamentCourtney Davis
Celtic MandalasCourtney Davis
Celtic DesignsDavid James
Celtic ConnectionsDavid James
159 Celtic designsAmy Lusebrink
The Little Book of Celtic BlessingsCaitlin Matthews
The Little Book of Celtic WisdomJohn Matthews
The Little Book of Celtic Wisdom (vn.2)Sean McMahon
The Little Book of Celtic ProverbsJames O'Donnell
The CeltsNora Chadwick
The Golden Age of NorthumbriaJane Hawkes
The Illustrated BedeJohn Marsden
Celtic Miscellany (Poems)Kenneth Hurlstone Jackson

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