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Coptic Stitching

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Handmade books with Coptic Bindings.

coptic BindingCoptic stitch is an ancient binding originating in Eygpt in the 4th century.

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The Gallery

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A4 sketchbook

This sketchbook (containing 80 pages of 130gsm acid-free cartridge paper) has been sewn using two needles for each pair of holes. The cover boards have been covered with Elephant Hide paper (not really from elephants!) which is very hard-wearing and wipeable.

 A4 coptic 1      Hemp Leaf 2

A5 Notebook

A smaller version of the A4 coptic book, but containing 120 pages. Ideal for use as a journal or sketchbook.

 A5 Notebook 1      A5 Notebook 2      A5 Notebook 2

Paste Paper Covers

These 2 coptic books have been stitched with a single needle. The boards have been covered with my own decorative paste papers.

 A6 Notebook 1      A6  Notebook 2      A6 L' Scape Notebook 1

A7 Notebook

A smaller version of the A6 coptic books, this time covered with a commercial paper (acid-free).

 A7 notebook  1       A7 Notebook  2

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