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Hard-bound books with Japanese stab bindings.

Japanese BindingJapanese stab-bound books are traditionally made with soft covers and light-weight text papers folded in half so that the fold is at the fore-edge of the book. The books shown here use the same stitch patterns, but are made with hard covers. The cover boards are hinged at the front and the back before covering to enable the book to lie flatter when open.

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The Gallery

Click on one of the thumbnails below to see a detailed picture. There are short descriptions of each item too - just in case it isn't obvious what they are! The examples are accompanied by close-up views. After viewing a picture click the browser's BACK button to return here.

Hemp-Leaf Binding...

 Hemp Leaf 1      Hemp Leaf 2

Noble Binding

In Japanese binding the idea is to join up every hole. (It's fun to create your own stitch patterns too!)

 Noble Binding 1      Noble Binding 2

The second of these two examples of noble binding is decorated with two quilled flowers. A panel was cut away in the bookboard before covering, and a lightweight piece of card glued to the back of the board. This technique lends itself to many decorative possibilities.

 Quilled Cover 1       Quilled Cover 2       Quilled Cover 3

Tortoise-Shell Binding

These hard-bound books open more successfully if the width of the book is significantly greater than the height.

 Tortoiseshell  1       Tortoiseshell  2       Tortoiseshell 3

Traditional Bindings

A simple traditional Japanese stab-binding. This book is bound with ribbon. The holes need to be quite wide for this (I use a drill for making the holes) as the ribbon will pass through the each hole 2 or 3 times. Acid-free cartridge paper (130gsm) has been used for the text pages, and every other page has been folded at the hinge-end (the width of the fold equalling the width of the spine). This allows items to be glued in the book without the fore-edge 'bulging'.

 Trad 1       Trad 2

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