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Click on one of the thumbnails below to see a detailed picture. There are short descriptions of each item too - just in case it isn't obvious what they are! The examples are accompanied by close-up views. After viewing a picture click the browser's BACK button to return here.

Single-Signature Notebooks

 A7 Hardback notebook     A softbound notebook with a three-hole pamphlet stitch. Handmade beads decorate the spine - these are easy and effective. Simply cut a long triangular piece of paper (the width of your bead tapering to a point) from a sheet of A4 paper (cut from the short side of the sheet) on which you have scribbled colour with felt-tip pens, then roll it tightly around a cocktail stick. Glue the end with PVA glue, then coat the whole bead with PVA and leave to dry.

An A6 hardbound single-signature notebook.     A6 Hardback notebook

A7 hardbound single-signature notebook.  A7 Hardback notebook      A7 Hardback notebook

Multi-Signature Soft Cover Notebooks

A variation on the softbound single signature notebook. The 5 signatures are sewn through the spine as separate signatures, each one being tied off before sewing the next one. This lends itself to various decorative exposed stitch effects on the spine. Handmade beads are incorporated into this book.

 multi-signature Book 1      multi-signature Book 2      multi-signature Book 3

A variation of the multi-signature soft cover notebook - this time with an exposed decorative sewn in the centre of the spine before sewing the signatures.

 Multistar book 1      Multistar book 2      Multistar book 3

"Strap" Book - a crossed-structure-binding devised in Italy by Carmencho Arregui, a version of which is described in "the handmade book" by Angela James. This book has wooden buttons sewn on to the two front straps as a decorative feature.

 Multistar book 1      Multistar book 2      Multistar book 3

Another "Strap" book - this one is made from handmade paper from Bangladesh that has a contrasting colours on each side (a result of the paper being dried in the sun!) The decorative 'buttons' are also made from the handmade paper.

 Multistar book 1      Multistar book 2      Multistar book 3

Soft leather books with two variations of exposed spine sewing.

 Red leather book 1      Red leather book 2  blue leather book 1      blue leather book 2

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