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Examples of knotwork projects . . .

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The Gallery

Click on one of the thumbnails in the panel below to see a detailed picture. There are short descriptions below - just in case it isn't obvious what they are!

Quilled Knot
Celtic M Celtic M birthday card
Celtic A Celtic B Celtic M birthday card
Celtic D Celtic D
Celtic N Celtic P Celtic T
One of several adaptations of a simple knot, for a bookmark design.
Celtic Bookmark
Three versions of the same basic circular design
Celtic Circle 0 Celtic Circle 1 Celtic Circle 2

The Items

Going from left to right, and top to bottom . .

The quilled celtic knot is a combination of two interests of mine! This image also appears on our second quilling gallery!

Second row:

The 'M' from my celtic alphabet is shown, together with an example of its use: a greetings card to a friend called Margaret.

Rows three to five:

More examples from the celtic alphabet....the 'D' is also shown in another development.

Row six:

A simple knot design, with a double edge, which I made into a bookmark.

Row seven:

The same circular knot is shown in three variations: The basic knot, then widened with outside edges, and finally divided into double strands with the lines interweaved accordingly.

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