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Also known as Paper Filigree

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Quilling is the craft of design in paper coils, made from strips of paper. I have recently completed a four-piece representation of the symbols of the evangelists from the Book Of Kells.

Here are my quilled representations of "St John" and "St Luke" ;

Lesley's Eagle (Thumbnail) Lesley's Calf (Thumbnail)

Click one to see a larger picture (colour JPEGs, 60K or so). All four are on the second "gallery" page - there is a link below.

These symbols of the evangelists appear in the Book of Kells - an 8th century gospel book written by monks in Ireland. The reference to look for is the Bible, in the Book of Revelations Chapter 4 Verses 6 and 7. You will see there a reference to the four creatures - the Eagle, the Calf, the Man, and the Lion, which for centuries have been taken to represent the four evangelists - John, Luke, Matthew, and Mark respectively.

Galleries - Earlier Quilling Projects

I have used quilling to create a wide range of objects, from owls quilled onto slices from a tree to fridge magnets and badges. To see some examples, click here - the first gallery .
To see a photo of my Nativity Set - it is still Brian's favourite quilled 3D "artifact",with other examples on our second gallery.

*New* Yet more examples on our new third gallery.

Sources - The Quilling Guild

The Quilling Guild was formed in 1983 to promote and spread the art of Quilling, and to enable members to meet and exchange ideas. Its membership has now grown to over 1000 with members as far afield as Holland, Canada, Australia, and the USA, as well as Britain and Ireland. The Guild has a library, and extensive archives containing examples of work both antique and modern. Magazines are published quarterly, and anybody interested in joining the Guild should contact the Membership Secretary: Mr. Peter Herring - so e-mail us and we will pass your details on to Peter. A link to the newly-formed Quilling Guild web page appears below...

Click the thumbnail below to see an example of the work of a friend of mine - who introduced me to quilling and calligraphy "several" years ago. The photo was taken at a Guild A.G.M., at which there are always lots of impressive pieces on display and ideas to be found. Before you click the thumbnail, believe that this lion's head is quilled!

Jane's Lion
She also runs a company which produces some of the very best quilling materials around.She is contactable via e-mail at:

JJ Quilling

They are suppliers of fabulous quality quilling papers in a huge range of colours - plain, graduated, and fluorescent, as well as instructional videotapes and quilling books. Find them on the web at www.jjquilling.co.uk

There was an International Festival of Quilling in Warwickshire, England, in August 1997. It was a great event, and follows the enormous success of the first festival held 5 years before that, and fortunately many of our overseas members were able to attend.

Other Interesting Links:

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Book 4 Interesting Books:

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