Quilling Gallery Two

More Examples of quilling projects . . .

L&BRotn  Animation

Navity Group

This nativity group is featured in one of two close-ups in the first row below, as is a view of the whole group.
These figures (the 3 Kings!) are about 3 cm high.

The Second Gallery

Click on one of the thumbnails in the panel below to see a detailed picture. There are short descriptions of each item below - just in case it isn't obvious what they are!

Nativity Group Nativity 2 Nativity 3
Quillings of Representations of the Evangelists from the Book of Kells
Kells 1 -  Eagle / Matthew Kells 3 - Lion/Luke Kells 4 - Man/John Kells 2 - Lamb/Mark
- - -
Quilled Goose 2 Birds on Slate Christmas Tree Eggs Christmas Candles
- - -
Quilled Knot Tea Caddy - Full View

More detailed close-ups of the quilled tea caddy:

Tea Caddy - Full View, Open Tea Caddy - Side Panels Tea Caddy Lid Tea Caddy - Front

The Items

Going from left to right, and top to bottom . .

I quilled this Nativity set a few years ago from a design by my friend Jane Jenkins. The figures are made basically with tight coils. The angels' wings are alternate side looping. The set includes Mary, Joseph, Jesus in a manger, 3 wise men, 3 angels, a shepherd and a shepherd boy. I have yet to design and make the sheep!

The four pictures in the second row are representations of the evangelists from the 'Book of Kells', an eighth century Irish gospel manuscript. They were awarded the Rose Bowl for the "most interesting quilling on display" at the second International Festival of Quilling held in Warwickshire in August 1997.

This framed calligraphy is decorated with a quilled goose - from the symbol of the Holy Spirit of the Iona Community (an island off the NW coast of Scotland.) I wish I had taken a better photograph before I gave this away! The goose logo is the copyright of the Iona Community - visit them at www.iona.org.uk. Also, you can visit their bookshop at the Wild Goose Publications' website.

The birds of paradise are taken from a pattern of Malinda Johnston's and are quilled on Welsh slate.

These Christmas tree decorations are quilled on blown hens' eggs.

Another Christmas decoration - this is quilled on cork, and includes fir cones made from fringed strips, and Christmas roses made from tight coils. The candles are rolled from squares of paper with thin strips of paper spiralling round them.

The fourth row shows a quilled celtic knot - a combination of two interests of mine! - which is a good advert, now I come to think of it, for all the wonderful colours available from JJ Quilling Design. !

Also an row 4 is a full view of a 1998 project of mine. This wooden tea caddy was made locally for me to quill, by a friend of a work colleague, with the panels inset by 3mm to take the quilling strips. The quilled caddy won the "Quilled Box" section of the competition at the 1998 Quilling Guild AGM.

Row five shows some close-ups of the tea caddy, to give a better idea of the detail and techniques used. The peacock motif appears on the 4 "corner" panels. The sunburst design is on the front and back panels, and repeated to make the background for the lid. The harvest scene - complete with 3D fieldmouse - appears on each end panel.


(Repeated on Gallery 1) I use ordinary PVA glue (Marvin Medium), and used to use a wooden cocktail stick to apply it to the edges of the strips - until I found a brilliant glue dispenser designed by a former chairperson of the Quilling Guild. E-mail her at AnnePeak@aol.com for information. All papers used for these projects were supplied by JJ Quilling Design.
NB: No quilling tools used here - finger-rolling only !

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