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Answer July

    Answer July -
    Where is the Bee -
    Where is the Blush -
    Where is the Hay?

    Ah, said July -
    Where is the Seed -
    Where is the Bud -
    Where is the May -
    Answer Thee - Me.

    Nay - said the May -
    Show me the Snow -
    Show me the Bells -
    Show me the jay!

    Quibbled the Jay -
    Where be the Maize -
    Where be the Haze -
    Where be the Bur ?
    Here - said the Year.

Emily Dickinson

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Lenten Thoughts of a High Anglican

    Isn't she lovely, 'the Mistress' ?
    With her wide-apart grey-green eyes,
    The droop of her lips and, when she smiles,
    Her glance of amused surpise ?

    How nonchalantly she wears her clothes,
    How expensive they are as well !
    And the sound of her voice is as soft and deep
    As the Christ Church tenor bell.

    But why do I call her 'the Mistress'
    Who know not her way of life ?
    Because she has more of a cared-for air
    Than many a legal wife.

    How elegantly she swings along
    In the vapoury incense veil;
    The angel choir must pause in song
    When she kneels at the altar rail.

    The parson said that we shouldn't stare
    Around when we come to church,
    Or the Unknown God we are seeking
     May forever elude our search.

    But I hope the preacher will not think
    It unorthodox and odd
     If I add that I glimpse in 'the Mistress'
    A hint of the Unknown God.

Sir John Betjeman

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