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Images from Brian's "favourites" list . . .

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The Gallery

Click on one of the thumbnails in the panel below to see a detailed picture. The full images are mostly around 50-60 K. There are short descriptions of each item below.

The Experiment   Persistence of Memory   Eagle Nebula

Earth from Space   Horsehead Nebula   Jupiter   Messier 83

Stone Henge   Welsh Mountains   English Lake District   Lesley and Brian  

Quilled Knot   Tea Caddy - Full View   Tea Bag Folding - Frog card  

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Top Row . . .

The first example is William Wright's "The Experiment", and is B's absolute favourite. It needs to be seen in its full glory really - it is a very large canvas! It resides in the National Gallery in London. Most of my moods and feelings are represented in there somewhere....

This detail is from Salvador Dali's "The Persistence of Memory" - which I saw for the first time shortly after my introduction to the general theory of relativity - what a coincidence!

The Hubble telescope took this stunning image of a region in the Eagle nebula...go to the cosmology page for the Nasa links etc.

Second Row . . .

Who could fail to be moved by these early pictures of Earth from space - this is from the Apollo 2 mission. As the Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy says (of the Earth): mostly harmless.

The famous Horse Head Nebula, found in the constellation Orion. I just wish I could see this with my binoculars! The bright star on the left is Zeta Orionis, the eastern star in Orion's Belt. A large poster of this scene adorns the wall above me!

Jupiter: one of the near neighbours, included to put things back in perspective. The "great red spot" ( a storm!) could swallow the earth . . .

This is surely one of the most inspiring sights imaginable - an open spiral galaxy. The numbers are impressive, too. This one is M83 (NGC 5236), and it contains billions of stars. It is some 27 million light years away, so we see it as it was a long time before man walked the earth. (This image is on B's "Cosmology and Useful Links" page. Click here to go direct)

Third Row . . .

From the "favourite places on earth" album

Stone Henge - photographed at dawn on the summer solstice. This Henge is reckoned to be some 4000 (and a bit) years old, and uses stones from South-West Wales. Wales was a long way from Salisbury Plain in Neolithic (late Stone Age) times - especially as the structures in the picture are over 20 feet (6.5 meters) high!

The mountains of Wales (again) - shown here in glorious summer sunshine. This is a wild and unforgiving place in the winter time. Click this link to go straight to our page about Wales.

The mountains of the English Lakes this time (yet again)

From the family album: Lesley and Brian.

Bottom Row . . .

A quilled Celtic knot - a combination of two interests of mine!

This wooden tea caddy was made locally for me to quill, by a friend of a work colleague, with the panels inset by 3mm to take the quilling strips. The quilled caddy won the "Quilled Box" section of the competition at the 1998 Quilling Guild AGM. Our second quilling gallery has this and 4 detailed close-ups of the caddy. To go direct click here .

The frog greetings card was made by paper folding - the rotating motif (click the thumbnail to see the full card) is made of folded square copies of the frog image. The techniques used are called "tea bag folding."


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