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The collected links from the whole site

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If you want to get straight to the links for more Quilling, Calligraphy and Celtic Art etc., click below. We hope you will visit the proper pages too! Don't forget to sign the guest book... it only takes a second :-)

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Search Engines - essentials for beginners!

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Astronomical Links

The most famous source . . .

Hubble Site
Hubble Newscentre - Pictures
Astronomy Links
Astronomy Resources
Astronomy Now Magazine
Armagh Observatory Home Page
Earth Viewer
British Astronomical Society
Mount Wilson Observatory
Astronomy Picture of the Day Archive (NASA)


More technical info here . . .

Fermi Labs Home Page
UK Dark Matter site
Dark Matter links
Ned Wright's 'Good Cosmology Sites'
Ned Wright's Cosmology Tutorial
Ned Wright's Relativity Tutorial


Quilling Links

The Quilling Guild
JJ Quilling (Excellent Quilling Supplies)
Janetta van Roekel
Driftwood44 site….
Our 1st quilling gallery
Our 2nd quilling gallery
Our 3rd quilling gallery

Calligraphy Links

. CynScribe's Calligraphy Links
Margaret Beech
Our 1st Calligraphy Gallery
Our 2nd Calligraphy Gallery

Celtic Links

. Celtic Connections Magazine
Lorien Transformations
Sirius Spinning banner link
Sirius Spinning
Swallow Music banner link
Swallow Music
Keltic Designs - Celtic Artwork by Jen Delyth
Celtic Art and Illumination
The Art of Courtney Davis
World of Celtic Art
Celtic Moon Design - Artwork by Sara McMurray-Day
Celtic Creative Home Page
Celtic Web Site Guide

Wales On The Web (Directory)
Our page about Wales!
Our 1st Celtic Gallery
Our 2nd Celtic Gallery
Our 3rd Celtic Gallery



Music Links

Classical Music Net
Classical Midi Archive

Quotations Links

Painter's Keys
Quotation Ring
Quotable Quotes
Garden Digest

Handmade Books Links

Cynscribe - all the links to Book Arts sites you will ever need (and lots more besides!)
The Book Arts Web
Guild of Bookworkers
Beth Lee - Calligraphy & Book Arts

Essential Links for Beginners

Google - THE search engine!
Ask Jeeves - Questions in plain English!
Web Crawler
MetaCrawler - Multiple search engines.

Other Web Resources

Dynamic Drive Resources for web builders
Tripod HTML Gear - Guestbooks for free
TheCounter.Com - Counters for free

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