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If you want to get straight to the galleries of examples of Quilling, Calligraphy and Celtic Art, click below. We hope you will visit the proper pages too! Don't forget to sign the guest book... it only takes a second :-)

Just quick links to existing pages for now, without graphics.
The plan is to add picture-links ...well, any time soon (!)

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Calligraphy Galleries temporarily suspended (Nov 08)
Quilling Gallery 1
Quilling Gallery 2
Quilling Gallery 3

Photography Gallery (Brian).
Photography Gallery (Lesley)

Our Favourite Images


Celtic Art and Knotwork Page
Celtic Art Gallery 1
Celtic Gallery 2
Celtic Gallery 3

Wales & Welsh Celtic Crosses

Bookmaking 1 - Japanese Stitching
Bookmaking 2 - Coptic Stitching
Bookmaking 3 - A Mixed Bag
Bookmaking 4 - Single & Multi-signature Notebooks

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Also, the Quilling Guild pages now feature a growing gallery of splendid quillings.

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If you would like to contact us at any time send e-mail to:

   Lesley at    Lesley@lesleydavies.co.uk    or
Brian at   response@bdavies.co.uk

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